Seminar Literature of the 19th Century:To Market: German and Austrian Women Writers (1860-1932)


This graduate seminar is an exploration of literature written by, for, and about the German bourgeoisie in the long nineteenth century. Examination of literary representations and critiques of the values, modes, activities, and aspirations of the middle classes with emphasis on the intersection of gender and class as expressed in depictions of sexuality, marriage and divorce, fashion, work ethic, the professions, education, parents and children, orphans, national identity, leisure time, and sentimentality-particularly within the architectural spaces of the house and against the background of political, social, and economic change; literary experimentation; and the expansion and diversification of the publishing industry. Consideration of the bourgeoisie as mavens, the consumers of books and art, and the parents of writers and artists. Authors include E.T.A. Hoffmann, Fontane, Raabe, Storm, Marlitt, G. Reuter, Grillparzer, T. Mann, Wedekind, Freud, Kafka, and others.
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