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Career Paths in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

A major in WGSS can lead to a variety of possible careers. WGSS majors often have second majors in which they mesh their skills from both areas to create study and career paths for themselves. Our graduates have become physicians, lawyers, and policy experts in non-profits and NGOs. They have careers in media and have started their own businesses. Some of our alumni have run for office and become political party organizers. Our graduates believe they can be passionate about their work and find causes that match interests.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary field that gives people the knowledge and tools to recognize how gender, sexuality, race, class, and many other identity factors impact every aspect of everyday life. Our students cannot be contained by one discipline. Our students have the ability to:

  • Focus on and analyze a range of problems from the perspective of humanities, social sciences, and sciences and create ways of addressing those problems.
  • Locate and analyze structural inequality in a variety of institutions in the US and elsewhere.
  • Write clearly and coherently and develop logical and persuasive arguments using a variety of different kinds of data—visual, quantitative, ethnographic, and textual.

WGSS faculty take great joy in working with our majors, helping them plan their educational paths through the university, exploring what second majors or minors might be interesting and useful, helping them think through their options after graduation. 

WGSS peers help their classmates find excellent campus opportunities for volunteering and gaining leadership skills.

WGSS graduates have created networks in their postgraduate lives that welcome more recent graduates, offer them advice, and remain in touch with our faculty at the university.

WGSS majors believe in making a difference.

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