About Our Department

Faculty and students in the Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies use an interdisciplinary approach to examine the construction of women, gender, and sexuality throughout the world. The interdisciplinary research and training in our department positions people to be thought leaders and agents in addressing inequality in all its forms. Our graduates have gone on to work in fields such as business, entertainment, law, medicine, and social work. This community of scholars and activists is committed to doing the critical work of reimagining and producing a more inclusive future.

Why Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at WashU?

Among the first in the nation (est. 1972), the Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Washington University has emphasized the importance of gender and sexuality to such disciplines and interdisciplinary programs as philosophy, psychology, history, education, law, architecture, art history and archaeology, anthropology, political science, international studies, American culture studies, and studies in culture and languages.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies students are often leaders in campus organizations that deal with issues concerning women, gender relations, sexuality and health. They also participate in a wide spectrum of co-curricular organizations available to undergraduates, including Students for Choice, Uncle Joe's Peer Counseling, LIVE, Student Forum on Sexuality, SARAH, Pride Alliance WU, and the Representation Project.



Certainly WGSS helps students better understand social relationships, gender, and sexuality. But WGSS also prepares students to critically think in any situation, whether or not they have encountered it before. That skill set is indispensable. Many majors follow careers dissimilar from their initial training. WGSS casts the widest net in that sense. Regardless of whether or not my work involves gender or sexuality issues, I know that I have been trained to succeed efficiently, empathetically, creatively, and justly

―Rishi Rattan, MD WGSS Alumna
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Stella Anderson, Reilly Brady, Zoe Chase, Lily Coll, Olivia Danner, Brandy Farmer, Melissa Gibson, Bristol Hough, Emma Kelley, Ashley Kennedy, Anu Lakkamsani, Kamala Madireddi, Abigail Matthews, Ali Mora, Yunseo Nam, Ansh Purohit, Cori Raack, Sarah Rosen, Shalah Russell, Rose Sanders, Rekha Sashti, Madison Seramur, Sydney Stewart, Aurelia Walker


Lucas Blair, Clara Chavez-Ives, Jayla Coleman, Hannah Davis, Madison Fang, Astonish Fann, Stephanie Fisher, Sana Jaleel, Analiese Knight-Ward, Shreya Kuchipudi, Heather Lea, Audrey Liu, Kevin McCarthy, Grace Mead, Nash Overfield, Quanna Pepper, Emma Platt, Campbell Sharpe, Hannah Silverstein, Marlo Underhill, Sai Vuda, Nyla Welch, Amaya Wiekerson


Rachel DiSibio, Taylor Kay, Li-Mae McNehlan


Emily Levine, PhD, Japanese Language and Literature; Salvador Lopez Rivera, PhD, French Language and Literature; Stephen Reaugh, PhD, English; Laurel Taylor, PhD, Comparative Literature

National Women's Studies Association awards the Alison Piepmeier Book Prize to WGSS faculty member, Cynthia Barounis

National Women's Studies Association awards the Alison Piepmeier Book Prize to WGSS faculty member, Cynthia Barounis