Seminar on East Asian Print Culture and Society: Women in Print.


This team-led seminar examines developments in the history of publishing and reading in Japan, Korea, and to some extent China from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, with particular attention to material that focuses on women as readers or as objects of discourse. Specific topics include periodicals and books written for, about, and by women; the role of print and publishing in early modern and modern construction of gender roles; literacy, education, and habits of reading; the role of women readers and female-targeted publications in the development of literary culture. We will consider both commonalities and divergences in the construction of women as readers in each country in light of their interrelated but distinct historical and cultural conditions. The course will also include an introduction to digital humanities scholarship. Common readings will be in English, but seminar participants who are able to use Japanese or Korean sources will be expected to do so. Prerequisite: graduate standing or permission of instructors.
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Seminar on East Asian Print Culture and Society: Women in Print. - 01
INSTRUCTOR: Newhard, Lee
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