Queering Citizenship: Gender/Abolition


"Queering Citizenship: Gender/Abolition" asks how the struggle for gender self-determination overlaps with struggles to refigure, transform, and abolish political institutions. We will ask: How have queer thinkers/social movements in the last four decades helped create collective forms of life and social organization beyond the state and the prison-industrial complex? Global resistance to citizenship, borders, carceral violence and gender injustice makes these question unavoidable for queer and feminist thinkers and activists. Through our study of queer theory and abolitionist politics, we will consider the costs of exclusion from, as well as inclusion in, citizenship regimes transnationally and state discourses of LGBT recognition. The course considers connections between heteronormativity and citizenship; carceral and gender violence; state support for the white, middle-class nuclear family; the policing of intimacy; queer liberation and abolition democracy; gender anarchy and political anarchism; and the surveillance of gender and the political economy of prisons and policing. In each of these areas, we will attend to the politics of transgender recognition; gay imperialism; campaigns to defund the police; legislative violence against transgender youth; and overlaps between global abolitionist movements and the struggle for bodily autonomy and sovereignty. Pre-Requisite: L77 100B or consent of instructor.
Course Attributes: EN S; BU BA; AS LCD; AS SSC; AS SD I; FA SSC; AR SSC

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