Julie Singer

Julie Singer

Associate Professor of French
PhD, Duke University
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    • On Leave, Center for the Humanities Fellowship, Spring 2019
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    ​Professor Singer’s research focuses on medieval French and Italian literature and culture; particular interests include literature and medicine, the cultural history of science and technology, disability studies, post human theory, and the interplay of text and image.

    Recent and forthcoming publications include articles on Froissart, Machaut, Villon, Molinet, and Boccaccio. Her first book, Blindness and Therapy in Late Medieval French and Italian Poetry, was published in Boydell and Brewer’s Gallica series in 2011. She is currently at work on a second project, tentatively titled Rusted Me(n)tal: Virtual Breakdowns in Late Medieval French Thought, in which she examines the ways in which popular understandings of a scientific concept (rust) gave rise to widespread but previously unstudied metaphors of disability (especially mental illness) in medieval literature.

    Professor Singer is a co-convener of Washington University’s interdisciplinary medieval reading group. She is a founding member of the Society for the Study of Disability in the Middle Ages. Her seminar topics have included the cultural memory of Joan of Arc; relationships between medieval and contemporary culture; contacts between Europe and the East in medieval literature; and body and disability in medieval texts.