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About the masters program

The MA in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at WashU provides students with advanced training in issues of gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, class, and disability. Whether you come from a gender and sexuality studies background already or are looking to supplement your work in another field with a gender and sexuality studies perspective, our program helps you explore the issues that matter to you. In addition to solidifying your ability to educate others in gender and sexuality issues and integrate intersectional approaches with varied social issues and work place challenges you may develop specializations in a subfield appropriate for your individual plans and goals.

An understanding of gender and sexuality is central to discussions of law, social work, public health, economic inequality, business, and human rights. This program will prepare you to have the breadth and specialized knowledge that is increasingly needed and looked for in the workplace. You will learn to think intersectionally -- to understand the ways in which multiple identities interact with structural, social, and cultural inequalities -- and to pursue interdisciplinaryapproaches to problems confronting the contemporary world.

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The deadline for applying to the MA program is December 31 for the following academic year

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