Feminist Research Methodologies


Research is the foundation of academic knowledge and of much knowledge produced outside of the academy in think tanks, non-profit organizations, social service agencies, corporations, and many other venues of economic and social activity. Informed by theory, and shaped by specific methods, research can and does help to frame problems, contribute to policymaking, and evaluate the effectiveness of policies and programs. Research is employed in a variety of ways in the different disciplines within the academy and within different practices outside of the academy. This course examines the different ways in which research is conducted and examines the reasons for these differences and the ways in which they contribute to or hamper feminist goals. The course also explores the ways in which some research methods are privileged over others in hegemonic understandings of what counts as "research" and of what counts as "knowledge." The course examines how gender theory and feminist politics shape the kinds of research questions researchers ask, the types of materials and other information researchers use, and the ways researchers define our relationships with our sources of data, evidence, and other information. Students are expected to reflect on and engage with feminist approaches to research in this course in order to develop and complete a detailed research proposal. Prerequisite: At least 2 courses in WGSS, including Introduction to WGSS or Sexuality Studies at the 100 or 200-levels and one 300-level WGSS course, preferably in feminist or queer theory. This class is a writing intensive course. Waitlists controlled by Department; priority given to WGSS majors.
Course Attributes: AS SD I; AS WI I; AS SC

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Feminist Research Methodologies - 01
INSTRUCTOR: Wanzo, Brown
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