Inter-Imperial Interventions: A Feminist-Decolonial Reframing of Literature, Translation, and Geopolitical Economy

Laura Doyle, Professor of English at University of Massachusetts Amherst and Co-Coordinator of the World Studies Interdisciplinary Project (WSIP)

Laura Doyle’s research focuses on the intersections of literary culture and geopolitical economy, combining long-historical frameworks, existential philosophy, and decolonial, feminist-intersectional theory. She is the author of Bordering on the Body: The Racial Matrix of Modern Fiction and Culture (awarded the Perkins Prize); Freedom’s Empire: Race and the Rise of the Novel in Atlantic Modernity, 1640-1940; and two edited collections: Bodies of Resistance: New Phenomenologies of Politics, Agency, and Culture (2001) and Geomodernisms: Race, Modernism, Modernity (2004), the latter with Laura Winkiel. Doyle’s new book, Inter-imperiality in the Longue Durée: Labor, Literature, and Gendered Political Economy, is forthcoming from Duke University Press.